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The Astounding Jakelj Magnetic Motor
Who was Franc Jakelj?

What makes his motor so special?

Mr. Jakelj was born and lived most of his life in the resort town of Kranjska Gora, in the present Republic of Slovenia, at one time part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and later part of Yugoslavia until its dissolution in the late 1980s. Kranjska Gora is near the Italian and Austrian borders and is famous for its fabulous skiing facilities. He was educated and worked as an electrical engineer and had the professional title of "Elektromeister," the equivalent to a Master of Sciences in Electrical Engineering. At an early stage of his career he began questioning the accepted theoretical principles on which the design of electric motors is based, concluding that they were erroneous. After many years of research, after his retirement he wrote several treatises on the subject and submitted them for publication to the various European professional and scientific journals. However, his work was usually either ignored or rejected without explanation.

In order to prove his theories Mr. Jakelj designed and built his magnetic motor. After successful testing he was still unable to interest any major industrial corporation in exploiting the tremendous advantages of this invention. He then turned his attention to another motor design, called the "transreactance motor," which I also intend to build and develop industrially.

Franc Jakelj died in 1997 after many years of severe cardiac disease. To date no one has attemped to continue his work. I intend to remedy that and to give full credit where it is due. In my opinion Franc Jakelj's genius was only surpassed by Leonardo da Vinci and Nikola Tesla.

The details of design and construction of the magnetic motor may be obtained from the above mentioned treatise "An alternative theory..." and the patent disclosure which are available through this Website. The table gives a comparison of the technical characteristics of the Jakelj Magnetic Motor and the standard DC motor. For a comparison with other electric motors now in common use see Mr. Jakelj's "Alternative Theory."

Invest in the high-performance, efficient Jakelj motor

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