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The Astounding Jakelj Magnetic Motor
A Plan to Build and Exploit the Jakelj Motor

A super-power DC motor for cars, trucks, boats (even aircraft carriers), and planes?

MY NAME is Allan Hegland
and I propose to build a disk rotor magnetic motor which, although not free, can outperform any existing electric motors now in use or undergoing testing by a factor of at least 1000 in terms of torque out for watts in, making it the most powerful and efficient motor in existence. My intention is to bypass the big automotive and oil corporations which have suppressed such inventions in the past (remember Tesla's wireless power transmission plan) by starting small in a remote nonindustrialized foreign country and moving onto the international market only after a secure position is established there.

In 1985, as a result of my profession (I am a translator of technical literature, working from about 20 European languages into English) I became acquainted with Franc Jakelj who was trying to interest the Westinghouse Corporation in exploiting his recently invented Magnet Motor. I did my best, at that time to interest government agencies and various corporations such as GM, GE, American Motors , Westinghouse and many venture capital groups, in building and selling the Jakelj motor, but to no avail. Mr. Jakelj was willing to assign the rights to the motor gratis to anyone wishing to exploit it, but so far there have been no takers.

What I now propose to do is to create a corporation called Magnet Motor AG (the AG stands for the German word "Aktiengesellschaft" meaning "stock company.) and sell shares in it to raise the initial capital. This is where the Internet comes into play. Since the corporation does not yet exist, I can't raise money by selling shares in it. On the other hand, any one who might be interested in purchasing a share or two would like to be assured that there is something to invest in, or at least to receive something in exchange for his or her hard-earned money.

I propose to resolve the problem as follows: Instead of selling shares in a (still) nonexistent corporation, I propose to sell copies of Jakelj's paper outlining his new theory "An Alternative Theory of the Fundamental Principles of Operation of Electric Motors" (which I translated from Slovenian) and the disclosure of the magnetic motor which I translated from German (Mr. Jakelj, who died in 1997 at the age of 78, was a Slovene of German/Austrian ancestry.)

Once I have raised the startup capital I intend to begin manufacturing the motor primarily for the automotive sector in a third world country with friendly relations with both the US and Japan (I prefer not to specify which country at present). After all "bugs" are eliminated, the next step would be to try to penetrate the US and Asian markets by a strategic alliance with a major company.

To all interested gamblers, and free (actually "cheap") energy seekers: if you wish to be a potential investor in Magnet Motor AG (MMAG), when you order one copy of the treatise+patent disclosure, you will be sent a certificate of ownership of 10 shares (1 millionth, I intend to captalize at 10,000,000 shares) in MMAG.
Please note, if the Magnet Motor project succeeds, ultimately the retail proceeds per year could amount to hundreds of billions, and in the shorter run, when and if I can make an IPO (initial public offering) the price of one share could skyrocket. This could happen any time from 2 to 5 years down the road.

I must emphasize at this point that I know that the motor works and does what the inventor claims, I have seen a demonstration of the prototype and understand the principle of the motor. In order to get the magnet motor project going I estimate an initial capital of $100,000 mininum would be required. To raise this amount I need to sell 10,000 copies of Jakelj's paper. Initial investors/ purchasers will receive along with their order a ertificate which will subsequently be exchanged for shares of stock, once the corporation has been created and the stock certificates printed. You may also order additional shares with your initial order at $10 per 10 shares and you may order as many copies of the document as you like -- at $10 each.

All investors will be kept informed of progress on this Website as it is periodically updated. Remember the sooner I raise the $100,000, the sooner I can get started. If you buy, tell a friend.

Astonishing performance characteristics of the Jakelj Magnetic Motor