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The Astounding Jakelj Magnetic Motor
Invest in the high-performance, efficient Jakelj motor

Instead of the much touted but never proven Newman motor

Newman and others like him claiming to have discovered a hidden energy source have been around for a very long time and promise much but deliver nothing. This supports the view that they are charlatans (con men) although I do not necessarily subscribe to this opinion, but one must wonder why they still have no results despite years of work and ample support. I have met many people who swear that their discoveries are genuine and that they are kept from succeeding by the "conspiracy," but a conspiracy cannot account for the failure to present a working model for inspection by knowledgeable experts. I too believe in the conspiracy theory (as advanced by Robert Welch and Gary Allen) but I do not believe in Free Energy.

I am not a charlatan and make no claim to infallibility. Jakelj is the genius who made efficient electrical propulsion possible with his motor. I am not asking for investment in a wild dream or making glowing promises that success is just around the corner. The struggle ahead will be hard, the chances of success 50-50 at best. I am merely offering a very interesting document for sale at $10 each, with the bonus of receiving shares in a future corporation that may fail or could succeed beyond anyone's wildest fantasies.

So, once again I appeal to all free energy seekers, venture investors, even those of you whose trust has been betrayed by charlatans in the past, please buy a copy of this important document and read it! If you feel we (I and the late Mr. Jakelj) are on the right track, please purchase more shares and help me reach the goal of $100,000. You will be kept updated on progress through this Website.

If you wish to order by mail, make checks/MOs payable to MMAG send to: PO Box 13, Penn, ND 58362
For convenience you may print out and send the coupon below:

All sales are final. Damaged merchandise will be replaced free of charge. Missing shipments replaced free of charge. Payment accepted only in US dollars.

PO Box 13
Penn ND 58362

Please send me ___copies of "An Alternative Theory of the Fundamental Operating Principles of Electric Motors"
by Franc Jakelj, at$10.00 each, plus $2.00 S&H. Enclosed is a check/MO for $________

Your name:_______________________________________________________



City,_________________ State_____ZIP_____________

with each $10 order you will receive a certificate of ownership of 10 shares in MMAG. Please allow two weeks for delivery. If you desire priority mail or UPS delivery, add $3.50 to order.

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How to order online

The Astounding Jakelj Magnetic Motor

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