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A plan to get antigravity off the ground
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What would it take to build an antigravity machine?

Returning to our discussion: what is gravity?
There are the conventional views (Newton: force of attraction, Einstein: inertial forces acting in curved spacetime) and not so conventional which I will not discuss further. In my book, written 25 years ago, I felt I had grasped the problem and that the answer was essentially Einsteinian. In the book I coined the term "mig" to indicate the equivalence and identity of the concepts of mass, inertia and gravity. Now I had a name for it that could not be confused or contaminated by earlier concepts, but the nature of the phenomenon 'mig' remained to be clarified: I advanced the notion that it is "accelerated mass" so that the mig of a celestial body could be quantified as the product of its mass (=total number of nucleons contained in all the atoms of which it is composed) and the acceleration experienced by a falling body at its surface. Therefore, the mig of the earth is the product of one earth mass and 980 cm/sec/sec. I also proposed that there were three "types" of mig, to wit: intrinsic mig derived from the total number of nucleons present in a given body (in most respects equivalent to newtonian 'mass') which forms a spherical field around the body generating it; external mig, the apparent 'force' exerted on bodies outside the intrinsic mig field (in most respects equivalent to the einsteinian spacetime warpage cone) and relative mig, the sum of the intrinsic mig and the product of the [unaccelerated, i.e. newtonian] mass and the external acceleration applied to the body to bring it to its velocity relative to another body. I also postulated that external mig is manifested on other bodies as a directional tube within which the other body is located at precisely dead center and that only the area of the smaller body's disk is acted on by the mig of the larger. Finally, the key feature of mig, which is more of a squeeze or push toward the mig source rather than attraction toward it (e.g. the earth) is its symmetry. Mig must be symmetrical or it cannot exist. Therefore all phenomena related to the motion of celestial bodies is nothing but the mig of those bodies seeking to achieve and maintain symmetry. Using this principle I was able to account for orbital motion and tidal phenomena, and by extension and by making a few (admittedly unsupported) assumptions, also for astrogenesis.
Here I would like to make a pitch to sell my book. (I started it in 1973, finished it in 1976, published it in 1981 and updated it with a new name in 2003).  Some of its predictions have (so far) failed to materialize, but I think the reader will agree that 1) it makes sense, i.e. it is reasonable, is intuitively correct, and 2) the formulas are both simple and logical.
Once you have read the book, the clue for building an antigravity engine should be apparent. If you fail to grasp it please contact me by phone or e-mail and I will be happy to enlighten you. I did not specifically identify it, because it was and still is my intention to build a mechanism which I hope will realize my lifelong ambition of creating antigravity, and since I still expect to do this myself, I have not put it down specifically on paper or patented the idea for reasons of security. The idea is simple (although it will be technically very costly to implement).

Please continue if you wish to learn my plans on how to do this by building and exploiting to its fullest commercial potential the Jakelj Magnetic Motor and purchase a copy of "Had NewtonFollowed Einstein" (the older version published in 1981) or "Paradigm Shift: The failures of scientific theory and the quest for antigravity" (2003 version, revised and updated with 5 additional chapters) The link below will take you to the Magnetic Motor site, after reading it and, I hope, ordering, return by clicking "go back to antigravity" on the last page

Click here for Jakelj Magnetic Motor

As you can see from the Jakelj Motor website I do not believe an antigravity engine can be built easily or cheaply. And of course the very effort itself will depend on the financial and technological success of the Jakelj Motor project, technological because I believe that the Jakelj motor supplies the missing technology for the construction of the MIGATRAC or antigravity engine. When I wrote "Had Newton Followed Einstein" I was also attempting to use the ideas I had come up with regarding the true nature of the phenomenon known as 'gravitation' to create a mechanism for neutralizing/nullifying it, and indeed, in a mental exercise I designed such an apparatus, but at that time (1973-76) I did not know of any means of creating it (involving the use of electric motors) because of the complicated nature and unreliability of electric motors at that time. The use of the "mass driver" system developed by Dr. O'Neill at Princeton was thought to be on the right track but would have the wrong configuration for the device I proposed to build. It was not until much later, after Jakelj had first contacted me and I undertook my vain efforts to promote acceptance of his invention that it dawned on me..sort of an epiphany...that the Jakelj motor in a modified form WAS the missing technology for the MIGATRAC.

I do not intend to reveal the actual principle and configuration of the MIGATRAC until I can begin work on the project, which will undoubtedly cost several millions of dollars just to build and test the first prototype. Whether in fact I do so and how soon depends on how much support I can arouse for the MMAG motor project.

If you are interested in supporting either project please purchase copies of Jakelj's treatise and patent as described on the Magnetic Motor website and purchase a copy of "Had Newton Followed Einstein" here, the prices are the same, $10.00+2.00 S&H. You will receive a certificate for 10 shares of the stock in MMAG Inc. (to be issued after the articles of incorporation are filed and the stock certificates printed) when purchasing either document.

How to order Had Newton Followed Einstein