Who are the UFOnauts, where is their origin?
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Who are the UFOnauts, where is their origin?
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Various theories regarding the origin and nature of unidentified flying objects

Channelers, abductees, contactees, modern day prophets claiming alien contact have disclosed a great variety of scenarios for the origin of flying saucers and those who fly them, including Venus, Neptune, the Pleiades, Epsilon Eridani, Beta Draconis, Zeta Reticuli, Io, Europa, Titan and Inner Earth. None of these is credible, certainly not all of them. The reason should be obvious: Neptune, all the outer planets, the 'gas giants' are hostile to life as we know it, as is Venus. The 'nearby' stars in our galaxy are still tens to hundreds of light years distant, which makes it implausible that the inhabitants of their presumed planets would visit our sun without knowing there was life on one of its planets or that they would care if there was: it may be assumed with great certainty that if a 'civilization' has achieved the technical ability to traverse space at speeds faster than light, they could not possibly be interested in earth. We wouldn't have anything that would interest 'them.'

On the other hand, our (earthpeoples') oldest traditions, genesis myths, folklore, etc. all speak of a time when 'gods' walked the earth and interacted with humans. The Torah (i.e. Old Testament) in the book of Genesis speaks of the creation of the sky and earth by the Elohim (a plural noun), one of which, Yahweh or Jehovah, acording to Moses, created the first humans and is still worshipped today under various names by different peoples as God, Jehovah, The Lord, Allah, Bog, etc.

If the Elohim were real physical beings (which I will assume) then obviously their task of creating the heavens and earth was basically an act of terraforming, not calling into existence out of 'nothing'. In other words, the Elohim had the means and capability to steer the earth into its present path relative to the sun, then 'seeded' it with microorganisms, plants and animals, created the self sustaining eco system, and put us humans on it (are we their descendants or creatures?) and departed for regions unknown (but promised to return). But if this is indeed true, then the act of terraforming would require the use of massive machines and other equipment beyond imagination, including a means for manipulating huge masses (gravity control) and it would require a base of operations which could be abandoned or given a different function later. Such a base could be our familiar 'natural' satellite, the moon. There are many things about the moon which are not in the least natural: the lunar missions, manned and unmanned, have revealed that the moon, especially the maria, is composed of metalllic!! titanium, that it is hollow (has gigantic hollow spaces under the surface at a depth of a few miles according to seismographic recordings, and there are numerous surface features which cannot be accounted for by natural means.

If you haven't guessed it yet, I think that UFOs come from (inside) the moon. I am not the only one to hold this view, and I arrived at the conclusion as a result of inexorable deduction (eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how far fetched, is the truth). I do not think that the UFOnauts are degenerate Elohim but rather our own 'cousins'..i.e. earthmen whose origin was the same as ours but who abandoned the earth for the moon at the time of a major celestial catastrophe in the distant past, e.g., the Deluge, because they or their ancestors had developed space flight/antigravity and knew the catastrophe was approaching so they decided to evacuate to the moon which they had already long populated, perhaps discovering on their first missions there the machinery and life support systems left behind by the Elohim. After the catastrophe, they revisited the earth but found it uninhabitable for them (although there were some human survivors) because of the drastically altered climate, so they did not return en masse but remained on the moon. After a few generations, they no longer wished to return because they couldn't survive here without life support systems (weak muscles due to low 'gravity'). If you stop to consider this theory in comparison with all other claims and theories regarding the nature and origin of UFOs then the moon theory wins by a huge margin (when theories of any type are compared, preference points are given to the simpler ones which leave the smallest unexplained residue, in other words that theory is considered best which is simplest and plausibly explains the most). It explains why 'they' are visiting the earth (and perhaps Mars) -- it's their ancestral home and nearest neighbor in space. It explains their strange appearance (life support systems for beings adapted to low surface acceleration) and their advanced technology (antediluvian survivors whose lifespan is 10 times even a hundred times ours) not to mention their strange behavior (abductions, mutilations, sex/breeding experiments): they consider themselves a species superior to us mongrel, short-lived semi-humans, whose feelings deserve no consideration. But the clincher is the fact that when they do encounter humans whether by abduction or channelling the NEVER say they are from the moon but rather put their home planet in a far distant star system or galaxy.

A plan to get antigravity off the ground