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Antigravity Research to date and the men who did it
A Nuts-and-Bolts Antigravity Engine

Credible and incredible claims

Maxwell, Tesla, Teller and Einstein were all widely recognized scientists/theoreticians, Tesla, probably the greatest genius of the entire millenium (pax, Leonardo!) is certainly well known to anyone visiting this page.

According to some sources Tesla did indeed work on a system of electrogravitic propulsion, but the principles of this system are unknown to me at present. Einstein, of course, along with the Special and General Theories of Relativity postulated the concept of increasing mass with increasing velocity and the velocity of light as the speed limit of the universe which space exploration enthusiasts find so annoying.

John W. Keely b. 1837, in Philadelphia, developed a system of interpreting all physical/chemical phenomena called "sympathetic vibratory physics." He built numerous machines and devices for, among others, extracting free energy, promoting health, propulsion, and antigravity. His claimed results have not been duplicated, but he still has many enthusiastic supporters, not to mention a website named in his honor whose stated purpose is exchange of information on the search for free energy and antigravity.

T. Townsend Brown. A tireless researcher with a passion for discovering the nature of elementary forces. He was awarded, among others, the following patents
1,974,483 (Sep. 25, 1934) "Electrostatic Motor"
2,949,550 (Aug. 16, 1960) "Electrokinetic Apparatus"
3,018,394 (Jan. 23, 1962) "Electrokinetic Transducer"
3,022,430 (Feb. 20, 1962) "Electrokinetic Generator"
3,187,206 (Jun. 1, 1965) "Electrokinetic Apparatus"
a pioneer in the field, he was not able to obtain much support for his work until the 1950's when there was much discussion of gravity and antigravity within the aerospace industry and in the magazine "Aviation Week." Then the Gravity Research Group (GRG) published a detailed summary report and review of his research into "Electrostatic Motion, Dynamic Counterbary (a "euphemism" for antigravity), and Barycentric Control" (i.e. "Antigravity"). This report is the last public report dealing with the physical effects of electrostatics, electrodynamics, and gravity control. Apparently his work has been "classified" and is being exploited for 'black' government projects.

Tom Bearden
Colonel Bearden is a nuclear engineer, wargames analyst, and military tactician with over 26 years experience in air defensesystems, tactics and operations, technical intelligence, antiradiation missile countermeasures, nuclear weapons employment, computerized wargames and military systems requirements. An admirer and follower of Tesla, he has designed many devices for harnessing zero point energy, devices for achieving what is called 'over unity' or machines which produce more energy than it takes to run them, for antigravity propulsion, etc. If there were anything to Col. Corso's and Bob Lazar's claims of back engineered alien technology, Bearden would know! Bearden is a prolific writer and has written books on everything from star wars weaponry to the AIDS conspiracy. Many of his claims seem so far fetched that it is understandable why mainstream scientists and skeptics in general dismiss him as a crackpot. He has a talent for convincing his readers of the correctness of his concepts and is certainly brilliant and gifted.

Paul Biefeld
Dr. Paul Alfred Biefeld, astronomer and physicist at the California Institute for Advanced Studies, and his assistant, Townsend Brown, in 1923 discovered that a heavily charged electrical condensor moved toward its positive pole when suspended in a gravitational field. He assigned Brown to study the effect as a research project. A series of experiments showed Brown that the most efficient shape for a field propelled condensor was a disc with a central dome. In 1926 Townsend published his paper describing all the construction features and flight characteristics of a flying saucer, conforming to the testimony of the first flight witnessed over Mount Rainier twenty-one years later and corroborated by thousands of witnesses since, the Biefeld-Brown Effect.

Al Bielek
A not very credible claimant of alien contact, Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project involvement, including time tunnel trips to Mars, age regression, brainwashing. There is nothing of technical value in his assertions. Like Lazar he lays it on very thick.

John R.R.Searl
Born in England in 1932. In the late 1940's (as a teenager!) he first discovered a way to produce levitation which has since been dubbed the Searl effect. He is presently trying to attract supporters to further develop his ideas, which involve inter alia, spinning disks and elements with odd numbers of nucleons. He has suffered numerous problems and setbacks and apparently has failed to duplicate his earlier results well enough to attract sufficient financial backing.

Otis T. Carr
In the 1950s and 1960s Otis Carr claimed to have invented and patented an antigravity mechanism to propel a flying saucer, which he widely demonstrated and attempted to exploit by selling stock to supporters. His claims were not confirmed by others. The mechanism was said to consist of two counterrotating 'tops', i.e. two bodies spinning in opposite directions. He has been accused of fraud. But this should not be interpreted to mean that his work in antigravity was fraudulent; it may well have been on the right track.

Henry Wallace
Henry Wallace was an engineer at General Electric in the mid '70s who developed some incredible inventions relating to the underlying physics of the gravitational field. He was granted several patents,including:
US Patent #3626605 -- "Method and Apparatus for Generating a Secondary Gravitational Force Field" Dec 14, 1971
US Patent #3626606 -- "Method and Apparatus for Generating a Dynamic Force Field" Dec 14, 1971
He discovered that a force field, similar or related to the gravitational field, results from the interaction of relatively moving masses. He built machines which demonstrated that this field could be generated by spinning masses of elemental material having an odd number of nucleons -- i.e. a nucleus having a multiple half-integral value of h-bar, the quantum of angular momentum. Wallace used bismuth or copper material for his rotating bodies and "kinnemassic" field concentrators.

Bruce de Palma
Recently deceased, de Palma worked on implementation of what was called the N field and the gravitational significance of the Faraday Disk (q.v.). He claimed both antigravity and over unity devices.

Robert Lazar
I first heard of Lazar on a TV program about Area 51 and was impressed, nay almost convinced, by his claims of having helped in back-engineering captured [at Roswell] alien antigravity technology. He claimed the antigravity device was based on artificial (not existing on earth) elements (element 115) and that propulsion was achieved by generating a gravitational field and phase-shifting it so that the craft would "fall" into the out-of-phase part of the field. Many now believe that Lazar was scamming as do I. His ideas concur to some degree with those of Col. Corso and Edgar Fouche.

Petar Petrus: a Croat, postulates the existence of gravifugal and gravipetal forces which could be exploited to produce an antigravity effect and has designed a machine to do just that.

Peter Bettels
A German who recently advanced the idea that spin at what he calls relativistic velocities can negate the earth's gravitational field as demonstrated by the ability of F5 tornadoes to lift very large and heavy objects. He has invented and patented an antigravity or levitating device based on a spinning disk with superconducting copper in which the spin coupled with the arrangement of the conductors accelerates the electrons in the conductor to "relativistic" velocities. His theories make sense but it remains to be seen how much levitation he can achieve with his patented device.

Dr. Evgenij Podkletnov a Russian working at Tampere University in Helsinki achieved a 2% weight reduction above a spinning superconductor. Although NASA appeared to be interested in this work, in recent times there have been disputes and controversy surrounding his claims. The weight reduction of only 2% is too small to be of practical value and may be related to experimental error.

James Woodward
J. F. Woodward in Foundations of Physics Letters reports an apparently successful table-top laboratory test of Mach's Principle which attempts to connect inertia with gravitation by suggesting that inertial mass comes from the long-range gravitational forces on a assive object from all the other masses in the universe. Albert Einstein used Mach's Principle to formulate his famous Equivalence Principle which asserts that gravitational and inertial mass are indistinguishable. Woodward formulated a nonlocal mathematical theory embodying Mach's Principle predicting that if the mass-energy density of a system is made to change with time, the mass of the system should vary by an amount that is proportional to the second time derivative of the density change. For example, if a capacitor is charged positively and negatively by a voltage that varies as a 10 kHz sine wave and delivers a power of 100 watts to the capacitor, Woodward predicts that the mass of the capacitor should vary from its normal mass by about 30 milligrams at a frequency of 20 kHz. This is a prediction that can be tested in the laboratory. However, the effect is so small that its validity in achieving antigravity is questionable.

Harold Aspden
An Englishman, Aspden, a brilliant non-Einsteinian theoretical physicist, has authored numerous papers 'demolishing' einsteinian relativity and supporting the 'aether' hypothesis of cosmology. He has also developed various free energy (over-unity) systems and advanced a theory which claims to account for known celestial-cosmological phenomena better than currently held theories. His points are well taken by a minority of free-thinking 'heretical' physicists, but due to the strong emotional attachment conventional scientists have for 'relativity-cum-quantum physics, he remains outside the mainstream. One point he makes with which I am in full agreement is that mathematics has limitations and that blind faith in its powers can lead to sheer nonsense. Intuition and reason must also play a part.

Eric Laithwaite, (1921-1997)
At one time a professor at the Imperial College in London Laithwaite's efforts to show the weight loss of the gyroscopic devices he built were met with utter hostility at the Imperial College. He teamed up with Bill Dawson, a fellow electrical engineer and businessman and spent the last years of his life experimenting with a variety of complex gyroscopic rigs, finally proving to his satisfaction that they could produce "mass transfer" - a brand new thrustless propulsion system. In 1993 he applied for a patent on a gyroscopic space-drive. based on magnetic levitation.

He was working on the Maglifter on contract to NASA when he collapsed. - a huge working model of a futuristic rocket launcher, a five-mile long track to be tunneled up the inside of a 10,000 ft. mountain, a space capsule to be accelerated through it. Eric Laithwaite devised a lift-linear motor based on gyroscopic principles. A television documentary on Laithwaite's gyroscopic activity was shown in the U.K. and included a weighing machine demonstration which proved the weight loss. Obviously, NASA's interest in his invention did not stop with his death.

Lt.Colonel Corso
Recently deceased, he attracted media attention shortly before his demise by publicly revealing and publishing his startling revelations, supported on his good reputation as a military man with a top secret clearance. He claimed that a secret quasi governmental group (our old friends, the Majestic 12) had been seeding alien technology, captured at Roswell and other UFO crash sites, into American industry, and that for 30 some years he himself had been in charge of that seeding process. He asserts that the mystery aircraft dubbed "Aurora" is propelled by a system back engineered from the Roswell craft involving "superconducting mercury plasma accelerated in a circular tunnel to speeds equivalent to 50,000 rpm.

According to Corso, this craft has made numerous trips to Mars and back over the past 10 years.

Edgar Rothschild Fouche
In collaboration with the well known writer Brad Steiger, Fouche published a book called "Alien Rapture: the Chosen" which concurs with Col. Corso's claims to a great degree. On his web pages Fouche asserts that the book is a fictionalized account of what he knows about alien technology and secret aircraft. He also asserts that various secret aircraft flown from Area 51 and other secret locations are propelled by the back engineered alien technology described by Col. Corso.

Allan M. Hegland
I have included myself here, because I wrote a book outlining an alternative theory of what is called 'gravitation' which contains a clue for the construction of an antigravity engine. The book which I self-published in 1981 has sold only a few hundred copies and is available through this website. I am a technical translator by profession with only little formal training in physical science. My ideas were deduced after much prayer and meditation on the nature of the phenomenon. I make no claim to super intelligence or alien contact. However, my theory describes reality (as it is presently known) better than Newton, Einstein, and other alternative theories.

Which Proposals and Claimaints are Credible