Foreword to 2003 edition
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After my website ( was created in 2001 the response suggested that an updated version of this, my 'magnum opus' (original title: "Had Newton Followed Einstein") would receive favorable attention from the audience of dreamers, tinkerers, kooks, weirdos (no offense intended) and serious thinkers who frequently visit websites dealing with subject matter such as weird science, black projects, Tesla, zero point (free) energy, Fortean phenomena, UFOs, and conspiracies. The first item requiring correction was my failed prediction of a Plutonian fly-by in 1999, which I boldly but mistakenly based on Nostradamus' 72nd Quatrain (although I included the caveat that the meaning of Nostradamus' predictions only becomes clear in retrospect). However, the possibility of such a scenario still exists, as witness the periodical attention given Pluto in the scientific and popular press, downgrading it from a planet to something between a rogue asteroid and protocomet, i.e. a so called "Kuiper belt object." Indeed, the fact remains that if my theory has any validity, Pluto can complete the course predicted for it by Newtonian celestial mechanics only if it falls within a narrow range of diameters and masses (which, I concede, is entirely possible). In the case that it does not, it will either depart the solar system or could still move in toward the sun and stabilize its path at a much shorter distance.

In addition to a badly needed editorial revision of the entire text, the section on the unsolved problems and paradoxes in current astronomic theory has been expanded (by adding two chapters) in keeping with that part of my website. I have tried to get answers from the "astronomic establishment" for these questions but, as usual, have been ignored. I therefore encourage readers to familiarize themselves with these "anomalies" and whenever the opportunity to question a credentialed astrophysicist arises to confront him/her with them and make a note of the answer and the convoluted reasoning whereby that answer is arrived at (noting in particular how often reference is made to vaguely defined 'gravity' and the Newton-Kepler law, and especially whenever a statement such as "we know that..." or "it is well known that..." or even "most scientists now believe that" is employed in order to jump to the next link in the chain and avoid a specific answer).

Finally several chapters have been added in addition to comments made as footnotes or in italics throughout the text. These chapters represent a forceful attack on the theoretical basis of the sciences of evolutionary biology, of particle physics (which appears to have a close, even siamese-twinlike relationship to astrophysics) and of geology (which has strong ties to paleontology and hence to evolutionary biology). Although the subject matter of these chapters certainly deviates from my primary theme, the true nature of gravity as indicated by the available evidence, I felt it necessary to include them, because they deal with the same issue I have repeatedly emphasized in this book, to wit, that so-called "scientists" and the academic "sciences" in general are pushing lies in pursuit of the secular humanist agenda and have long abandoned their proclaimed quest of searching for the truth. Like the "science" of astrophysics, which fits all data it collects into a tightly preconceived ideology, so too the "sciences" of particle physics, geology and biology seek to provide interpretations of the facts they gather to support the preconceived notions of quantum physics as the explanation for the structure of matter, infinite geological time and plate tectonics as the key to geomorphology and evolution as the explanation of biodiversity, past and present. These sciences have aroused my ire in particular, because they insist on defending untenable positions despite evidence to the contrary (which they studiously ignore). The result of this may be seen in any elementary-school or high-school textbook dealing with science, whether astronomy, biology or earth science: all propaganda, no science.

My message to readers of this book (which is intended to be understood by anyone with a high school education) may be summarized by saying that whenever you hear the statements: "some scientists think," or "scientists believe," or even "it is now known," what is really meant is that the subject matter in question is either not understood, is a topic of controversy, and/or is not supported by experimental data, but YOU should believe it anyway. Don't. Why not believe? Simply because until these so-called sciences lift their ideological blinders and approach their subject matter without the baggage of political correctness they will never succeed in providing us with a true and accurate picture of reality, which it was their sworn duty to provide. Indeed, the new name for this revised and enlarged version of my book reflects my view that our most important branches of scientific inquiry have long been hijacked by proponents of secular humanism and that anyone wishing to gain knowledge and a reputation as a scientist is tricked, cajoled, and peer-pressured into accepting the 4 pillars of that strange religion, whose adherents hold to it (believe in it) even more fervently than the most devout Christians, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, to wit: Big Bang cosmology, quantum physics, evolutionary biology, and uniformitarian geology. I believe it is time these notions were discarded as obsolete and replaced by truly open-minded inquiry, i.e. it is time for a paradigm shift

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