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Paradigm Shift: The Failures of Scientific Theory and the Quest for Antigravity 

Foreword to the revised and expanded 2003 edition


1.  A Brief History of Astronomy and Celestial Mechanics 

2.  Skeletons, Scandals and Illegitimate Offspring:  300 years of  Smoke and Mirrors                                                           

3. Other Astrophysical Anomalies                                           

4. Those Non-Existent Black Holes                                        

5. The Nature of Matter: How Valid is the Standard Model       

 6. Where Evolution Fails                                                       

7. Plate Tectonics Subducted                                                 

8. Why Didn't We Return to the Moon                                   

9. A New Theory of Gravitation                                              

10. Celestial Phenomena in the Light of the Mig theory             

11. Speculative Application of the Mig theory                        

12. Planets, Predictions, and Pluto                                        

13. My Quest for Antigravity                                               

14. The Space Race and Warnings from the Past          

References for 1981 version