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The Failures of Scientific Theory and the Quest for Antigravity


Announcing the publication of a new book by
Allan M. Hegland

More bad news from left-liberal academia

You've heard that the faculties of most colleges, especially the prestigious big universities, are overwhelmingly staffed with America-hating left-sucking Marx-loving liberals, and that most professors of the so-called social sciences are pushing the secular humanist (atheist) agenda with all their might. To find out how bad the situation is check out:

Bad news. It's not just the social sciences. In fact the so called "hard" sciences, Astrophysics, Particle physics, Geology and Biology are pushing the same agenda -- and just as hard. Our students being educated in science at these institutions at tremendous cost are being lied to and indoctrinated just as blatantly as those in social sciences, literature, and the arts.

Allan Hegland's new book PARADIGM SHIFT: The Failures of Scientific Theory and the Quest for Antigravity convincingly demonstrates that the theoretical foundations of astrophysics, particle physics, biology and geology are lies, and the professors preaching them know this but preach them anyway, consider

-- The Big Bang never happened, couldn't happen

-- The standard model of the atom is sheer nonsense

-- Particle physics spends billions of tax dollars on accelerators and has yet to come up with one iota of useful or valid information

-- Evolution was known to be a farce Darwin himself

-- The earth's crust was formed by meteor bombardment, gravity conflicts and crustal expansion, not by "plate tectonics"

The author's original motive for writing the book was to show that the reason we have not yet developed antigravity is that our understanding of gravity is wrong...Sir Isaac Newton's theory notwithstanding. In his search for truth he inadvertently discovered the many cans of worms infesting the most highly respected fields of science and brought them to light in his book.

Paradigm Shift is now available in some bookstores and through AuthorHouse/1stBooks website, at and as a print-on-demand book in various locations throughout the country. To get your copy of Paradigm Shift or to learn more visit the 1stbooks link below  or click on the author's email if you want a signed copy. You'll enjoy reading it and learn a lot you perhaps didn't know but have long suspected.

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